Billing my CreditCard

Question: Who is IMC Bill?

Answer: We provide billing support and customer service for a variety of different Internet websites and merchants.
Question: Why did you bill my CreditCard?

Answer: If you viewed your credit card statement and it said IMCBill next to the charge then your credit card was used to purchase a subscription to a membership based web site. The "descriptor" on your credit card statement is often different than the name of the web site that you joined. Please “contact” us what the charge on your statement is for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: CreditCard lookup & Cancellations?

Answer: If you would like to look up your membership or cancel your recurring membership please contact support
Question: I have additional questions! What do I do?

Answer: Please contact support or call support at +31 251 362036. Please be prepared with your subscription information. If all of the live operators are busy you may be prompted to leave your request.
Question: I forgot the URL (web address) of the site I purchased. Where can I get this?

Answer: Please contact support
Question: I don't remember my password, how can I retrieve it?

Answer: Please contact support
Question: I don't remember my log in information, how can I retrieve it?

Answer: Please contact support
Question: What is a Transaction Number?

Answer: When you purchase a subscription, membership, or other product, you were issued a transaction number that came in the email receipt. If you do not remember this number or no longer have it we should be able to look you up using other the other information asked (username, email address, name on account)
Question: How does the site access fee appear on my bill?

Answer: Purchases will reflect a charge by IMC Bill (
Question: How does the billing work?

Answer: Most billing for the site(s) are subscription charges for services - You are billed a first time amount and then are rebilled at a monthly amount after the initial subscription. There are also one time purchases for different products. If you are unsure if your subscription is a rebilled transaction or a one-time transaction you may contact us.
Question: How do I end my membership or cancel my subscription?

Answer: As an AdultPrime member, you can cancel very easily. Log in at, go to My Profile (top right), and click the cancel button on the left. Not an AdultPrime member or unsure what site you joined, contact support (click here) or call +31 251 362036 during office hours. If possible, please have information about the account available (Username, email address, name on account).

Fraud Warning!

Under U.S.C. Title 18 Section 1029

We do investigate and prosecute all false claims regarding unauthorized use of credit cards. If you falsely claim that a charge was unauthorized we will use all means necessary to investigate you. If we find that your claim does not have merit we will contact you and prosecute you.

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